My name is Karen and I live in Walthamstow. I make stuff, I write about stuff and I watch more TV than is healthy. I also like lists, so here is a list with some facts about me…

1. I have been a journalist for the past 15 years since I was 19-years-old. I’ve mainly worked on celebrity titles and written about TV, although I’ve done everything from real life to craft.
2. I have two children Evie [4] and Stan [9 months] – as of May 2013. One is mental and the other is teething. Hmm.
3. I’ve been making and selling children’s clothes and paraphenalia under the guise of Crème Anglaise since 2008. It’s ace.
4. I have developed a strange obsession with Storage Wars.
5. I’m a part-time Craft Guerrilla.
6. Full-time procrastinator.
7. With my partner Tim, I run Creative Biscuit Ceramics Café in South Woodford, London. You can paint your own ceramics, eat our homemade cakes, try a craft workshop and buy handmade designer/maker items, which is also ace.
8. I have a one-eyed cat called Marvin who is mental and a cat called Kofi who was named after Kofi Annan.
9. I love festivals more than anything else in the whole wide world.
10. … that is, apart from custard.
11. When I was 12-years-old James the lead singer of EMF told me I had cool trainers. I could have died happy there and then. Patrick Keilty also told me I had cool trainers about 12 years later. It did not have the same effect.
12. I am tone deaf, however I have sung the opera Carmina Burana on stage in a choir.
13. Crochet is my nemesis.
14. I have a photo of Ozzy Osbourne’s toilet, complete with family crest.
15. I was one of the first people to ever be sent home from Stubbington Study Centre after me and four other girls sneaked out and were caught walking along the seafront. One of my parents’ punishments was to buy me the ugliest trainers ever.


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