Honeycomb Pom Poms – Tutorial

Honeycomb Pom Poms by Creme Anglaise

Pom poms are everywhere. This in my humble crafty opinion is a good thing, but I need more. I’ve done the classic pom pom. I’ve done rainbow pom poms, but it’s no longer enough. I think I may have a problem.

So to feed my tissue paper addiction I decided to take it up a level – pom pom wise – and create some honeycomb pom poms for the shop’s winter decorations. Obviously like all tissue paper addicts I want to make you as obsessed as I am, so here’s a handy little tutorial so you can make some of these beauties too.

Honeycomb Pom Poms by Creme Anglaise

You will need…

  • 12 large sheets of tissue paper (if you’re doing a three colour pom pom like these, then it’s four sheets of each colour. Although obvious, I think it’s helpful to share)
  • 4 sheets of white A4 paper
  • Pritt stick
  • Scissors
  • Compass (although not essential as, unless you hoard random objects like me, you probably haven’t owned one since school so therefore you could use a plate instead or similarly circular object)
  • Pencil
  • Needle and thread

Honeycomb Pom Poms by Creme Anglaise

Take your large sheets of tissue paper (I found doing four at a time easiest) and fold them in half (left to right) then half again (top to bottom), then cut along the folds so you now have 48 rectangular sheets of tissue paper.

Honeycomb pom poms by Creme Anglaise

Next, take two sheets of A4 paper and stick them together with tape (have them both in ‘portrait’ position). Using your ruler draw five evenly spaced lines horizontally across and about an inch in from the top and the bottom of the sheet.

Number the lines so the first line is a 1, second line is a 2, third line is a 1, fourth line is a 2 and fifth line is a 1. (if you prefer you could colour code them, depends on your personal preference, or even number them and colour code them if that floats your boat).

Honeycomb Pom Poms by Creme Anglaise

Place your first sheet of tissue over your grid and, following the line, run your Pritt Stick (other brands of glue sticks are available!) along the tissue. Don’t push too hard or there’s a chance you’ll rip the paper, although make sure you do it firmly enough to leave glue behind. Do this along all the lines with the number ‘1’ next to them.

Next, take your second piece of tissue paper (same colour as the first) and do the same again although this time put glue along the lines that are marked number ‘2’. Then take your third sheet of the same colour paper, put it on top and run glue along the lines marked ‘1’. Next, you’ve guessed it, take the fourth piece of paper put it on top and run the glue along the lines marked ‘2’.

Once you’ve done this it’s time to move on to your second colour of tissue paper for four sheets, then your third colour of tissue paper then back to the first colour again. Repeat until you have no tissue paper left!

Honeycomb pom pons by Creme Anglaise

Take a piece of A4 paper and measure a line the height of the tissue paper. Measure in about a quarter of an inch either end, then using your compass draw a semi circle. Do this twice or simply trace around the first one so you have two.

Honeycomb pom pons by Creme Anglaise

Stick one of the semi circles along the left hand edge of the tissue paper and then cut around it leaving roughly a quarter of an inch space around the edge. Once cut out, stick the other semi circle on the opposite side. If you’re not super neat, you may also want to tidy up the bottom edge for any stray longer pieces of tissue paper.

Honeycomb pom poms by Creme Anglaise

Get your needle and thread and, about a quarter inch in from the corner edge of the semi circle (see pic above), push the needle and thread all the way through and tie loosely so there’s enough room of the circle to open up. Also it’s good to carefully open it up and check it has gone through the corner of every piece of tissue paper. Then do the same to the other corner of the semi circle.

Honeycomb pom poms by Creme Anglaise

Put glue on one side of your semi circle then carefully open until both pieces of white paper meet and stick them together. I did think about fixing the pom poms with paper clips so they could be used again, but the extra weight makes them hang a bit wonky. Lesson learned.

Honeycomb pom poms by Creme Anglaise

You will still have enough paper to do the same with the other end of your stuck together sheets of tissue paper to make another honeycomb pom pom the same size. If you’re careful you can even use the waste in the middle to get another smaller pom pom out of the sheet. Waste not, want not after all.

Honeycomb pom poms by Creme Anglaise

Ta da! Pretty honeycomb pom poms and nowhere near as tricky as they may look. There may be lots of places you can buy ready made pom poms, but this way you can get them the size you want and you can make them match the colour scheme of your party, wedding or shop window display and and you get to make pom poms. What more can you ask for?

Quick note: Apology for picture quality, but as with most craft, this was done late at night and with a deadline approaching so I couldn’t make it look all fancy and forgot to take as many pics as I would have liked. Consider me reprimanded. 


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