Craft Hacks

This post comes to you thanks to a, shall we say, disagreement with my partner Tim. You see Tim is a pedant. As he rapidly approaches 40 he is getting more and more picky about things. Don’t worry, his inexhaustible supply of gripes and misdirected fury are qualities I actually quite like about him, but anyway, it all started one evening while I was browsing the internet….

A friend of mine had posted a link to some excellent life hacks. Now I’ve always been a fan of a good life hack, or in my day-  and in the pages of my mum’s copy of Family Circle or Take A Break – they were called ‘hints’, ‘tips’ or ‘cheats’ (Viz’s Top Tips remains one of my main resources for learning how to gain a Darwin Award should I ever want one).

I mentioned my love of the life hack to Tim, which prompted a furious response that there was no such thing as a ‘life hack’. It was simply a tip. You could only hack a computer I was informed. It was as ridiculous as saying ‘Totes Amaze’ and possibly the tipping point that would see the end of the English language as we know it.

So do you know what I did? I went on Pinterest and started a board of Craft Hacks. I thought I would combine a lovely list of lots of random hints, tips and cheats for crafters solely so I could repeatedly tell Tim that I’d found another hack and it was amazing. Hack, hack, hack. Sorry Tim did I mention I found another hack?

Anyway, it turns out an evening of winding up your boyfriend can actually result in some very useful information being found. I now know ways to make sure my wool never gets tangled. How to clean paint brushes and how to keep my bobbins in order. Good, eh?

You can find my Craft Hack Pinterest board here. Feel free to share your hacks with me. Oh and remember it’s definitely a hack and not a tip anymore. OK?


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