Craft Fails: Nailed it!

You’ve been sucked into Pinterest for hours. Just like a trip to Ikea, you only meant to get one thing, but find yourself looking at stuff you really don’t need, but are successfully convincing yourself that you do (more cushions anyone?).

You’ve pinned a couple of tutorials and decided: ‘Yeah, dip dying looks easy. I’m doing that! I could sell the things! It would be amazing! That’s it. I’m quitting my job on Monday and I’m setting up a dip dye business.’ Or something like that. Not speaking from personal experience of course… Anyway, you get round to buying all the stuff you need. Spend a significant amount time following all the instructions and ta da! It looks absolutely nothing like it was supposed to. In fact, the chances of you being able to sell it are nil. Even the charity shop would reject it.

If this is you, do not fear. You are not alone.  In fact it would appear that the Internet is awash with craft fails. But rather than be despondent, let’s celebrate those great triers of the craft world.


ImageI have discovered several blogs that list either their own, or the best fails they’ve found and there are some absolute corkers. Here are five of my favourites (from epic failure blog Craft Fail)…

 In at number 5… Crayon candles


Number 4… Chocolate kiwi lollipops


Number 3… String balloons


Number 2 … Marbled nail varnish

ImageAnd smashing it at failing, in at number 1 is…


You can submit your own fails to Craft Fail here, and there’s also sites like Pintrosity and Pintester who do the fail so you don’t have to. Obviously having never having had a craft disaster myself, ahem, then I cannot submit. However, I have made a Pinterest board of some of my favourite Craft Fails and it only sucked away about an hour of my life making it. Winning! 


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