Fantastic Mr Fox

I am very excited. I’m going to be selling my wares at the next Crafty Fox Market in Brixton and it’s an absolute corker


If you don’t know about Crafty Fox markets I can only assume you have been hiding under a stone, or in prison, or Hull. Either way, they are one of the best markets in London, nay the world. So I suggest you get yourselves down there to buy some beautiful presents for friends or yourself (let’s be honest the ones for yourself are the best ones, yeah?)

Check some of the gorgeous treats from some of the super talented makers (and me)…





Want more? Of course you do, here are some of the other makers on Sunday 6th October (the day I’m there) and see what treats are in store including the fantastic Mr Wingate teaching screen printing. He taught me so I know first hand that he’s ace. 

I am about to enter crazy making time to try and make sure I have enough stock together. Wish me luck!


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