Stop! Wait a minute Mr Postman!


You can all stop searching. I have found what I want for Christmas. You can decide amongst yourself who wishes to purchase me this treat, which will satisfy all my design needs for a whole year!

I came across Not Another Bill by chance, some may call it fate, and it’s a simple but beautiful concept. You sign up and pick if you want three months (£60), six months (£110), a year (£210) or pay as you go (£18 per month) subscription, sit back, relax, eat some chocolate (optional, but highly recommended) and wait for your first crafty surprise to pop through your letterbox. Hurrah.


The parcels come beautifully wrapped and each month you get something completely unexpected from one of their hand picked up-and-coming British designers and more established brands. This means often you’re getting something for less than you would pay in the shops and also something you may never have come across before. OK, so it may be hit and miss (having not signed up yet I can’t guarantee on how good the things actually are), but after checking out previous posts they look amazing…

Retro party game…


Gorgeous Falcon enamel plates…


A Tatty Divine necklace…


Love and Hate oven gloves…


And so much more that I’m drooling all over my laptop, which is not a pretty sight.

You can tailor it to your wants as well, so you’re more likely to get the perfect gift for you or a great present for that ‘difficult to buy for’ person in your life. We all have one. Although Not Another Bill may be a bit expensive if it’s for your Aunt Doris who usually gets smellies.


Also if you get it for yourself and, shock, horror, don’t like one of the gifts, you could always give it to someone next Christmas. Everyone’s a winner! 

I don’t want this. Oh no. I NEED this and so do you. Honest. But buy me one first, yeah? 


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