Knock On Wood – Necklace Workshop


Forget twee and sparkly jewellery, Designer / Maker Kate Rowland came to Creative Biscuit this week to show some lucky ladies (including myself) how to make some awesome wooden jewellery.

You may remember Kate’s amazing Game Of Thrones broach from my previous blog, so I was very pleased when she contacted us about hosting her first ever craft workshop. She also crafts in a shed which is always a winner if you ask me – check it out! 


The only problem was picking which of the quirky laser cut wooden pieces to put together to create my own one-off necklace (I could easily have made three, but that would just have been greedy).


From designing, painting and putting together our own pieces of statement jewellery, the most interesting thing to see was how different everyone’s designs were.


This is my finished necklace – not bad if I do say so myself!


Even better was that Kate gave us each a goody bag, which included a free pair of earrings and a chocolate (which I may or may not have eaten in a bit of a hurry before I remembered that I needed to take a picture).

And what’s even more exciting is Kate is going to do another two-part workshop for us where you design your own wooden shapes to make a piece of jewellery with. But if you can’t wait for that go and treat yourself to some of her lovely stuff here


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