It’s a Bug’s Life

It’s not everyday that I dream whistfully of biting the head off a beetle and crunching my way through it’s little spikey legs, but yesterday was one such day. No, I have not lost my mind, you see this bug was made of chocolate and was a part of the fantastic new art/confectionary project Boy Meets Bug.


Yesterday I went to their amazing exhibition at Vestry House Museum in Walthamstow. A room upstairs had been transformed into their own version of Charles Darwin’s parlour complete with escaping animals – luckily all of the chocolate variety.


From escaping snails to a giant iguana (not to forget the chocolate starfish, snigger ) it was impossible to tell that quite a lot of the room was actually edible.



Sadly it was the last day of the exhibition yesterday (I was very tardy), however, in September the creations including fossils, insects and pond life will be on sale in Selfridges. Fancy!


Sarah Hardy one half of the duo behind Boy Eats Bug, who also bakes more conventional cakes, has form for creating unusual sweet treats – may I direct you to her amazing (although slightly unsettling) Christmas cake shaped like a uncooked turkey. As amazing as it is, I think I’ll stick to my mum’s fruit cake as usual this year!


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