Cocktail Umbrella Balls – Tutorial

Cocktail Umbrella Balls! - TutorialOK, so the name Umbrella Balls is pretty awful, but you have to admit these bright decorations make you think of sipping a cocktail in the sun. In fact the entire time I was making them I had Club Tropicana by Wham on repeat in my head. This was not so good. Anyhow, these are really simple to make and great for summer garden party decorations. You will need:

  • Polystyrene craft balls in two hollow halves – I got mine from Craft Mill
  • Floristry wire
  • Selotape
  • Lots and lots of cocktail umbrellas!

Cut about 50cm of floristry wire and wrap it around your finger to make two loops at either end . keep one straight and fold the other end at an angle. Place this end inbetween the two halves and close the ball so it can’t come out and leaves the other hoop to hang it from when you’re finished. Cocktail Umbrella Balls! - Tutorial Seal the ball up and then simply start sticking in the cocktail umbrellas making sure they all overlap and there are none of the same colours next to each other. That’s it! Easy peasy. All that’s left is to grab your Pina Colada (or three) sit back and enjoy.


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